Black Raven Armor

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This is my first completed set of Leather Armor. I’ve wanted to take on a project like this for many years. Not just single pieces, but entire suits / sets. In an effort to teach myself, I leaned heavily on a leather armorer from England called Black Raven Armory. So I have appropriately named it the Black Raven Armor. This set includes The Chest, Pauldrons, Greaves, Bracers, Helmet, Tassets and Gorget . This set is for sale and ready for you to accessorize. Photos of the individual pieces can be found at $1000 is a firm price, but the price will include free adjustments and tailoring (within reason) The potential buyer will travel to my shop in Clearwater to try it on before the transaction in made.

Cost: $1000

Signed: Yes


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Erik Kask

I started doing leather work as a Boy Scout and it has grown into a life long craft. In 2000 I had the unique experience to meet and spend a single day with Master leather worker Harold "Mac" McMillian. I honed my skills for 3 years while working under the supervision of his wife Trish McMillian at Thistle Leather. In 2003 I began doing leather work full time. Later that year I developed a mentoring relationship with master leather worker Ed Brophy of Shamrock Leather who not only continued to help me develop my skills but also taught me how to run a profitable leather business. I am best known for my work at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. ( ) 10 years ago, I branched out into building custom motorcycle saddlebags and seats. I displayed and sold my work in cooperation with the city of Sturgis Community Center during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in the years 2012 - 14. I am currently studying the art of leather armor making and Celtic knot design under master leather worker Alex Agricola of Black Raven Armoury of England. ( )